……Summer school starts tomorrow…….and I have to get a hold of Frank my school system admin to see If i can get a job with the district next year fixing computers 🙂 and then I have to get in shape for wrestling this fall ……. yea well I’m out Yo

– Merval

In Loving Memory Of Donna Marie Walker


God hath not promised

Skies always blue.

Flower-strewn pathways

All our lives though:

God hath not promised

Sun without rain,

Joy without sorrow,

Peace without pain.

But God hath promised

Strength for the day;

Rest for the labor,

Light for the way;

Grace for the trials;

Help from above;

Unfailing sympathy

Undying Love…..

Mom, That One Is For You

Death date – April 23, 1999


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Lets see, my windows shit it self and I had to format re-install and then pull my sound card out and then put it back in and update drivers before it would work and now here i am!!