My response to an Obama for America email.

I got this email today…

Obama - Biden
I’m asking you to dig deep, Dan:We just found out that Mitt Romney and the Republicans outraised us in the first half of this month, putting us $45 million behind during these crucial final days.

The math here is pretty simple: With that cash advantage, they can outspend us by $4 million per day, every day, for the final 11 days.

We know what that means — more and more misleading, negative ads trashing the President, you, me, and everything we’ve accomplished together over the past four years.

And we know what we have to do. It’s time for you to get on board.

Close the gap — chip in $5 or more now.

After a year and a half of building and fighting and getting ready for Election Day, we cannot allow ourselves to be outdone at the very end.

On November 7th, when this campaign is behind us, you’ll be glad you stepped up now.

Here’s the good news: Any donation you make today automatically enters you for a free trip to Chicago where you’ll meet the President and have front-row tickets to his speech on Election Night.

Don’t wait any longer. Please make a donation right now:

More soon,


Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

And here is my reply…

See, this is what makes no sense to me… How exactly does spending a bunch of money to buy a persons vote, because that is basically what this sounds like.. How does raising all of this money so it can be spent to campaign against the other person, make any sense? If the American people want to vote for someone, spending a bunch of money isn’t going to change their mind, and if it does, this country is in far worse shape than i thought. A bunch of mindless sheep who will follow whoever offers the best deal…or can fudge the facts just enough in their favor.

I just don’t understand…
Dan Walker
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