NYPD.. Are you for real right now?

I am disgusted with the NYPD. Ruthless Cowards who abuse their power as police officers. Disgusting. Ruthlessly beat and assaulted peaceful American Citizens for demonstrating their 1st Amendment Rights to Peacefully Gather. Your excuse this time? AGAIN “The Park Needed To Be Cleaned” So when the Parks need to be cleaned do you send Police in and beat the homeless senseless too? Do you go in there with batons and start beating and knocking people to the ground and dragging them out??
Hey NYPD! What about that poor young lady who had a seizure AFTER YOU ARRESTED HER AND YOU LET HER LAY THERE FOR 10 MINUTES BEFORE GIVING HER MEDICAL ATTENTION!?? You can’t deny this one, a live stream from a cell phone shows the young lady violently having a seizure and police did NOTHING. 10 minutes in Police and Paramedics shows up and started treating her! Can you say Police State? Regardless of your views on Occupy, What the NYPD did last night was Violent, Ruthless Aggression and was Completely uncalled for! After seeing so many attacks on Peaceful Americans, I am embarrassed because in the Land Of The FREE and Home Of The BRAVE, YOU CAN’T EVEN ASSEMBLE WITHOUT POLICE BEATING THE SNOT OF YOU!!

This needs to stop. I will make it my mission in life, Police have no right to execute that kind of violence on a peaceful crowd! If people are smashing windows and attacking other people, then it is a different story. But to walk into Zucatti Park and just start beating people and dragging them out. Simply uncalled for. Oh, and AGAIN the NYPD forced all Media OUT of the park and started harassing them about why they were covering the clearing of the park.

I can not sit by and watch Police Officers who are suppose to Protect and Serve, senselessly beat and attack peacefully gathering Americans! I have said it before and I will say it again, The Police are No longer Protecting and Serving the American People, The Police are now Protecting and Serving the Corporate Power and Money that runs the City they are employed by.

Well, I have a problem with that. When did the Police Department become Big Corporations personal Security? What happened to the Police being on the side of the Protecting the People? Police Officers are under this impression they are not affected by the same stuff citizens are. Scary part is, Police are underpaid and over worked just like the rest of us. The police don’t realize they truly are one layoff away from being part of the ever growing Unemployment line. The police may think they are protecting the interest of the City they work for but in fact they are hurting themselves. We are fighting for EVERYONE to have an equal playing field, not just a select few. We see a problem in the system and local and big government see us as a problem and proceed to send the police to attack.