Harvested our first Lettuce of the season!

The garden is coming along GREAT. the corn is growing nicely, the broccoli is HUGE as are the tomato plants. We had a few days here in Vancouver that were muggy and warm, and the tomato plants ate it up! One of them grew several inches in a day. I’ve spotted several flowers on each plant starting to blossom, it’s looking really good so far!

The lettuce is nice and large, we have 8 plants total, 4 Romaine and 4 Red Lettuce. I harvested 2 of each for dinner last night, tasted SO good. Fresh off the plant is so much better than anything I’ve ever had.

I will try to get pictures posted tonight or tomorrow of the garden so far.

All we need now is some warm weather and everything should start taking off!

Garden Stuff

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time for a garden! The area I am using was in really poor shape last year, I started prepping the area last fall. When I started this project the area was just a bunch of bark dust and dirt. Through a long process that took several months I finally got a garden in.

Here is out the area looked last fall.

This whole area was pretty dead when it came to things growing. Only a few non-eatable plants were growing. However, I wanted food to be produced out of this area. So I started tearing stuff up and putting down fertilizer and other compost soil.

Last fall I tore out everything and took a rake to the soil to open it up and get some moisture into the ground, as it was bone dry several inches down.

Then, the first decent day we had in February, I went through and added some compost soil and miracle grow soil and use a hand tiller to mix everything up. the soil was starting to look decent at this point. It was no longer dry, I could actually pick it up and feel the weight of the soil.

I decided that the area that I had wasn’t enough for what I wanted to grow. So, I started working on taking out part of the shrub and a tree stump. Which by the way, was a freaking task. It literally took me from 9am until around 4pm or so to get everything dug out and cut up.

Here is a mid process picture..

As I proceeded with the removal things, the process got a little tougher because I ended up with roots running everywhere. I pulled and cut out what I could. After I removed everything I could, I found that the soil was way to unusable for this year, seeing as I took a tree out, all the soil is very loose and has no stability. If you step on it you sink pretty deep. I will let the soil rest until fall and then I’m going to put compost soil and some cow manure on it to add nutrients to the soil.

I attempted to get corn to grow from seed but that didn’t work out very well, so I went to my local Fred Meyer Garden center and grabbed a few trays of corn that was grown in a green house. In the picture below I have corn, broccoli, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, red lettuce, Early Girl tomato plant, big beef tomato plant and cherry tomatoes. IF everything grows and produces a lot of food, I will be VERY happy.

Here is my whole garden area, I didn’t have enough space to put everything in one space, so I improvised. In the area to the right, I have onion shoots, pole beans, lavender plants, parsley, oregano and some potatoes in the soil. I have not gotten lemon cucumbers yet, which I will be getting in the coming days.

So far, I have gotten everything I want taken care of. Now I just need to let things happen and let nature take its course.

Thanks for reading!! I will be posting some more information and maybe even a garden webcam in the coming days.