Corey Moulton

So, it’s that season again, it’s beginning to heat up outside and it’s nearing the 4th of July. Naturally, people are going to shoot off fireworks, whether it’s for the amusement of their children or themselves.

I can relate to the frustrations of fireworks going off until the wee hours of the next day, and having a sleepless night because of it, but what Corey A. Moulton did, is absolutely uncalled for.

Corey A. Moulton is our second inductee into the Dumbass Files, this 25 year old moron decided that pulling out a gun and screaming “You want to blow (expletive) up?, I’ll blow you up.” and then proceeding to open fire towards a group of people who had been lighting off fireworks.

His excuse for shooting towards them? He told the court that he shot his weapon “as a show of force”.

You have got to be kidding me, it is absolutely absurd to fire a weapon upon people simply for lighting off fireworks. The correct action would have been to walk over to the adult(s) in the group and explaining they have several nights to light off fireworks and you would greatly appreciate them quieting down.

Here’s to hoping this dumbass spends some quality time in jail for A. discharging his weapon within city limits, B. firing upon an unarmed group of people and C. Threatening the lives of those in the group.

Ronnie “Ron Gotti” Wynn

noun Slang: Vulgar .
a thoroughly stupid person; blockhead.

In the first entry into the Dumbass Files we’ve got a real “wynner”. Doing stupid stuff with your own body is one thing, but when you do what this dumbass did, you enter a whole new level of stupid.

Our dumbass for this entry is Ronnie Wynn, aka “Ron Gotti” (as if he thinks he’s a real gangster like John Gotti. Really? You couldn’t even wipe the dirt off his shoes.). As of this entry Ronnie is behind bars in the Clark County Jail, he was booked on July 16th 2012 and is being held on “POSSESSION OF A STOLEN VEHICLE “. But there is so much more to the story. Sometime before July 2nd when it was reported, Ronnie broke into his uncles house and stole a Ruger Pistol, .9mm Pistol, Assault Rifle and an Airsoft HK Assault Rifle replica.

After committing burglary, this dumbass decided it would be a good idea to drive around Vancouver shooting a gun out his window into a neighborhood.
(Shooting into a neighborhood on NE 138th Ave)

You might ask how I know that this is 138th Ave? See below.

Olympic Drug is located at the corner of 138th Ave and NE 28th St. (13898 NE 28th St #B)

There is also a 76 gas station on the corner seen here, where he is holding one of the Assault Rifles he stole, I’m not a gun person, so I can’t tell if this is the Airsoft or not.

After he shoots the gun out the window he then decides its a good idea to speed through a neighborhood with tires screeching as he whips around corners, all while holding the pistol in his hand. The girl filming the whole thing appears to be under the influence of something and should arrested as an accomplice to wreckless endangerment.

I decided to do some looking on Ronnie Wynn and found a facebook page with very little public information, He was born in Aberdeen Washington, attended Evergreen High School and is Single. According to both KPTV and The Columbian, Ronnie is 23 years old, which means he graduated in 2005 or 2006. It sure didn’t take this dumbass very long to mess his life up.

I also found another Youtube video of this dumbass acting big and bad with his guns.