Mark your calendar! May 21st 2013

Daft Punk’s long awaited album goes on sale May 21st 2013.  You can pre-order on iTunes. This is the first full length studio album from Daft Punk since they released Human After All in 2005.

After hearing the single “Get Lucky” this is going to be by far their best album to date!
I’ve already pre-ordered my copy 😀

I know that some of you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and have seen my ranting about how good “Get Lucky” is and think I’ve lost my mind. I’ve long been addicted to good music, and I’m simply in love with the way a DJ can blend music together and create something magical. As a kid, my musical taste was molded by my parents. My Dad, who listened to Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden and other Rock music, and then My Mom, who listened to LOTS of Country Music, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and other Pop music.

When I was in middle school, I found my Mom and Dad’s record collection, and started playing the hell out of them. Then, in 2000-ish, I found Techno and DJ mixes and I was forever changed. When I finally discovered Daft Punk in 2001, I put on my headphones and cranked it up, and listened to every beat, over and over again. I can’t wait to see if they tour the United States, the last time they were even remotely close to where I live, was when they were at Coachella in 2006. Here’s to hoping!




Work in progress. Music Festival.

It wasn’t that long ago I saw an article about the Tourism office here in Washington State had closed down. Which means that revenue for most of the state will be going down as a result of less people coming and visiting the area.

Upon hearing this, my brain automatically started running on all cylinders. I started to think of a way to help the Vancouver area increase revenue by bringing tourists in, or even getting people out and spending money.

I pitched this idea to the Fort Vancouver Trust as part of the annual 4th of July Celebration, but because they are a non-profit they don’t have the means to make it happen.

During the 1990’s when the fireworks were going up 1000 feet or so, there were people coming from all over the country to see the fireworks. People lined the field between Clark College and Hudson’s Bay High School.

I am determined to see it happen though. Here’s the idea;

Imagine a three day Music Festival headlined by regional, national and world wide artists. Covering all the music genres. Something for everyone to enjoy. My dream would be this festival would take place from July 1st – July 4th. The first 3 days being the actual festival and then the 4th day being the normal event put on the Fort Vancouver Trust, followed on the evening of July 4th, a huge 40 minute firework display.

In the map below I have plotted out 3 points, or 3 stages. The Main Stage is in the place where the old 4th of July stage was positioned and would be the largest stage facing Northeast.  Stage two is in the upper parade ground facing west and then to the east a little bit is Stage 3 which would be a smaller stage that faces east.

[mappress mapid=”1″]The first year would need many financial backers to assist in making each stage possible, but the hope would be to bring in enough money so create a self sufficient event that would only need a few major backers (as there are now) to assist in off-setting a few of the major costs. Ticket prices would range anywhere from $40 dollars for a single day (within the first 3 days) up-to $120 for all three days. That could change, the idea would be to charge enough that there is money to pay all the bands and production costs and still have enough to allow the event to live on. As-is if the pre-2008 crowd shows up for all three days, crowds were estimated to be 60,000 people roughly. If that many people bought a 3 day pass the event would bring in $7,200,000. Lets say that half of that goes to paying the bands and production costs, they would bring in around $3,600,000. As apposed to the current roughly $300,000 they bring in which results in the smaller display and less people showing up.


PDXRevolution Events.

Making a Revolution, One step at a time

Something I have dreamed of, for such a long time, is to simply provide quality entertainment for peoples events. Without breaking their bank or making them spend so much money they have to skimp on other parts of their event, which is no fun. I’ve been in that position and it’s no fun. Hopefully by the start of 2012 I will be able to start doing events.

Short post this time 😉

Catch ya later.

Rockin’ it.

When I was a kid, I had dreams of being one of the people behind some wildly crazy event. I pretty much lived that dream when I did the lights for LSM Camp 2008. We arrived at Twin Rocks Camp and I asked Dave Owen where I should put certain lights and he said, “Do what you think will look good, it’s yours to do.” I took creative control and ran with it. In the end this is what I came up with.

You can’t see the truss that is above the screens very well, but it has lights on it and then the closer truss has lights that are facing the stage to provide adequate light. On the reverse side you can see lights pointing down to the chairs (We later pointed those up to the ceiling to provide “house lighting”

When that week was over I had developed quite the itch to do stuff like that again. Dave had asked me to do lights for “Fight Of Your Life“… I don’t really know if I could handle the schedule they keep, get there in the morning and start setting up, then do a show or two and then stay there until 1 or 2 am tearing it all down. That is harsh.

It has been a few years since the LSM Camp, and I really want to get back into the swing of things and do lights and sound. I have already been the DJ for a few weddings, but mostly just audio with no lights. I have just about two months until my sister-in-law’s wedding, which I am doing lights and sound for the reception as well as the guy who informs people of when things are happening.

So, for this to all happen I need some stuff. Most of which I already have. I have two 12 inch Phonic speakers that will act as sub woofers, I will be getting two 15 inch phonic speakers to be the main speakers. I already have a powered amp, and I am getting a second one to handle the subs, which can also double as another set of mains. I have a single Behringer powered speaker for the wedding, I will be getting a second one pretty soon.

On to lights. 🙂 My favorite part! I will be getting two J-Six Dual LED maybe three, it all depends. I’m not really sure what else I’m getting light wise… So many choices! It will be insane though 😀

I have created a page that lists what I have for DJ Equipment, so you can see it. Up top under “DJ”.

Thanks for reading!



I spent an hour at the KUFO studio in Downtown Portland tonight.

IT ROCKED! I got the feel for how it works and learned some really cool tricks.

Tim Savage was funny as hell!