Mark your calendar! May 21st 2013

Daft Punk’s long awaited album goes on sale May 21st 2013.  You can pre-order on iTunes. This is the first full length studio album from Daft Punk since they released Human After All in 2005.

After hearing the single “Get Lucky” this is going to be by far their best album to date!
I’ve already pre-ordered my copy 😀

I know that some of you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and have seen my ranting about how good “Get Lucky” is and think I’ve lost my mind. I’ve long been addicted to good music, and I’m simply in love with the way a DJ can blend music together and create something magical. As a kid, my musical taste was molded by my parents. My Dad, who listened to Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden and other Rock music, and then My Mom, who listened to LOTS of Country Music, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and other Pop music.

When I was in middle school, I found my Mom and Dad’s record collection, and started playing the hell out of them. Then, in 2000-ish, I found Techno and DJ mixes and I was forever changed. When I finally discovered Daft Punk in 2001, I put on my headphones and cranked it up, and listened to every beat, over and over again. I can’t wait to see if they tour the United States, the last time they were even remotely close to where I live, was when they were at Coachella in 2006. Here’s to hoping!




Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

Wrestlemania is This Sunday at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. An estimated crowed of 80,000+ is expected to be on hand. Here is a list of the matches scheduled to take place: (as always, card is subject to change)

No. Match Stipulations
Pre-show Wade Barrett (c) vs. The Miz Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship
1 The Rock (c) vs. John Cena Singles match for the WWE Championship
2 Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) (c) vs. Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
3 The Undertaker vs. CM Punk (w/ Paul Heyman) Singles match
4 Sheamus, Randy Orton & Big Show vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) Six-man tag team match
5 Ryback vs. Mark Henry Singles match
6 Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (w/ AJ Lee) Tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
7 Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Triple H (w/ Shawn Michaels) No Holds Barred match; if Triple H loses, he must retire.
8 Chris Jericho vs. Fandango Singles match
9 Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai) and The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow) and The Bella Twins (Brie and Nikki Bella) Eight–person mixed tag team match
(c) – refers to the champion heading into the match

Here is how I expect to see these matches go down.

  1. The Miz beats Wade Barret and takes the IC Belt. (Result: The Miz wins with the Figure Four Leg Lock)
  2. Rock beats Cena. (Then drops the belt, possibly at Extreme Rules) (Result: Cena Wins)
  3. Del Rio holds on to the World Title over Swagger, but Dolph Ziggler cashes in his Money in the Bank and defeats Del Rio. (Result: Del Rio Wins. No Ziggler)
  4. CM Punk will defeat The Undertaker and end the iconic 20-0 streak, most likely ending career of The Undertaker. (Result: Undertaker Wins 21-0)
  5. Sheamus, Orton and Big Show, defeat The Shield. (Result: Shield Wins)
  6. I’m still unsure how the Ryback vs. Mark Henry match will go.. I kinda have a feeling it may be a squash match and only last mere minutes. My best guess though, Ryback loses to Mark Henry. (Result: Mark Henry Wins)
  7. Team Hell No will retain the belts against Dolph and Big E. (Result: Team Hell No Retains)
  8. I’ve always been a Triple H fan, so I’m a little biased. But I have two sides here, I want to see Triple H defeat Brock, however seeing as Triple H is now a corporate guy, I know Brock will beat Triple H and that will end his in ring career making way for his Corporate career. (Result: TripleH Wins)
  9. Jericho will defeat Fandango. (Result: Fandango wins)
  10. Tons of Funk will lose to Team Rhodes Scholars. (At least I hope they do. the gimmick they gave Tensai is retarded. Both Brodus Clay and Tensai were orignally billed as big monsters who could destroy anything are now, dancing idiots.. ) (THIS MATCH WAS SCRATCHED!!!!!)

I will be doing my best to live blog Wrestlemania 29 this Sunday. It starts at 7PM EST / 4PM PST