Garden Status

Following the aphid infection, my cucumbers didn’t recover as well as I would like. I trimmed a lot of leaves off to prevent the disease from spreading, that appears to have stunted the plant. I have two cucumbers that aren’t growing much. Maybe next year.. My corn and tomatoes are doing amazing though! The corn stopped growing at about 6 foot (some are smaller), which was attributed to the bush blocking the sun during the first few stages of growth. I have about 25 ears of corn :-). My tomatoes are going insane! My early girl tomato plant is covered in tomatoes! I am not really sure why my big beef doesn’t have any yet. The hot weather just broke loose around here so i’m hoping the bees get to all the flowers on the plant.

I have two lemon cucumber plants, the first one I planted a while back but was attacked by a squirrel, and somehow is STILL growing. It literally looks dead  at the base but is producing cukes. Because of my uncertainty as to the health of the plant, I went and bought another plant which is already producing cukes.

I have started a project that will make the garden larger and allow for up to 5 – 6 hours of sun in the late afternoon to evening. It gets another 2 hours of sun in the morning. We have two large pine trees that block a lot of sun mid day. So far with just the evening sun, the garden is already doing well. My hope with this project is to give more space and remove a crap load of roots and black berry plants, In the next month I will have a stump grinder out here to get the stump and most of the roots around it removed and make mulch out of them. Then comes the fun part of building a stone retaining wall and tilling in some healthy soil.

Right now the soil is in pretty bad shape. I’ve had to add miracle grow and calcium to keep things going, the soil is so tough and dry. Put water on it and the water just rolls away, my plan is to remove an inch or two of the bad soil and replace it with healthy garden soil and fertilizer. Then I will till it in and hopefully have better soil for next year. This year is more of a trial run for the garden. Next year I will have more stuff growing and a lot more space.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out my garden cam. I hope to add another camera to that next year so I can have lower and higher vantage points.


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