Renewable Energy Project

For sometime now, I have been looking at ways of generating electricity on a small scale, for things such as camping, or if there is a power outage and you need to keep something powered on or a battery charged up. I’ve looked Wind Power Generators and recently found a neat one that uses rare earth magnets and generates 1000w of power. I’ve even looked at Solar Panels.

I think my first project will be a wind turbine. Not the 1000w one at first, because those magnets can get REALLY expensive.  But the only thing I want to look at is, making the unit easily portable and possibly with adjustable height. The key problem with adjusting height is the force the wind will be putting on the turbine during wind gusts, the adjustable height may snap the whole rig in half.

My biggest issue may be building the charging unit, I am horrible at reading schematics, and would need to build a unit that will both charge a battery and then once the battery has a full charge stop sending a charge, and possibly have a second output linked to another battery.

I will want to look into the option of having multiple inputs, so if I have two turbines or a turbine and a solar panel (or two of anything really), I can charge with both without needing a second charging unit and battery.

Bad part is, since my plate is already pretty full, this whole idea may take a back seat for awhile, which may be a good thing since I will need time to learn how to read and understand schematics.  If you can assist me in this quest, please contact me

Thanks for reading!

Chris Jericho Suspended.


At a WWE Live Event in at São Paulo, Brazil, on Thursday evening, Chris Jericho reportedly denigrated the Brazilian flag during a match against WWE Champion CM Punk. Suspended for 30 days, Jericho responded to the incident in his own words.

“I made a bad judgment call in the course of entertaining [WWE] fans in Brazil,” Jericho told “I apologized to the people in the crowd for showing disrespect.”

During Jericho’s match with the WWE Champion at São Paulo’s Ginásio do Ibirapuera, the flag found its way into the ring, where Jericho crumpled it up and then kicked it.

Local law enforcement stopped the bout and gave Jericho the opportunity to apologize to those in attendance or face incarceration. The former World Champion expressed his regret to the crowd and the WWE Live Event continued.

Due to his actions, WWE officials suspended Jericho for 30 days.

“It was a bad move,” Jericho said. “I did it with [our] fans’ entertainment in mind and I’ll accept the consequences for that.”

Latte Da Coffee House and Wine Bar

Every Sunday for the last nine months or so, my wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I have met up for coffee, just to hang out and talk and enjoy conversation. We jumped around weekly for awhile trying to find a place that we felt comfortable with, and kept going from place to place until we found Latte Da. The moment we walked in, we were hooked.

It felt like we were walking into our own home. There was music playing softly in the background, there was a fire in the fireplace and just felt warm and welcoming. You can find us there almost every Sunday drinking our coffee and enjoying life. We have certainly found our favorite coffee house to chill at! The atmosphere is like none other, they have outdoor seating and multiple rooms for you to sit in.

But they do so much more than just coffee! They have Open Mic nights, and have regular musical guests. You can enjoy baked goods with your coffee as well! We find the multiple kinds of quiche quite delicious!

You can also get a sandwich with potato salad if you want something a little bigger.

All around Latte Da is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee, or two 🙂 Or if you’re into tea, they got ya covered as well!

If you’re in the area, check em out! Visit their website OR Like them on Facebook!

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Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

When Brock had the Undisputed Championship in September 2002 and left Raw for Smackdown he was all set to face Triple H for the title. This was when Eric Bischoff (Raw GM at the time) handed Triple H the former WCW belt (renamed the World Heavyweight Championship). Hunter and Flair had a match to determine who was the champ.

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Pro Wrestling Needs To Change It’s Way.

I really got into wrestling when I was a kid, I grew up during the era of WWF vs WCW, Monday Night Raw Vs Monday Nitro. If you weren’t into wrestling during the late 90’s, you missed on hell of a ride!
It was the “Golden Era” of Wrestling, you never knew who would go from one company to the other or what they had up their sleeves and that made it so special.

I remember when Scott Hall walked onto Monday Nitro through the crowd acting like Razor Ramon (having made his last appearance in WWF on May 19, 1996 and showing up in WCW on May 27th, 1996), they made it appear as though WWF was coming in to take over WCW, and this was the start of the nWo, “The New World Order of Professional Wrestling”. During an era of WWF when cartoon like characters were “top”, WCW had guys using their real names and they were using cutting edge story lines. Th battle for number 1 went on for 5 years, from September 4, 1995 until Vince McMahon and the WWF bought WCW on March 26, 2001. That was the night Pro Wrestling changed forever.

WWF (Later changed to WWE) has been the only major Pro Wrestling Promotion/Company that has main stream TV exposure, and boy did they take that for granted! Story lines became lax and things really got hard to watch, but because they are the best (and only one) at what they do, it’s hard not to watch.

But, in 2002 TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling was founded, they were a small regional promotion for a long time, they held weekly Pay Per Views (111 in 27 months). It took them 4 years to get on TV break and they started airing TNA iMPACT on Fox Sports Net. WWE Finally had some kind of competition! Except that TNA was an unknown promotion.

TNA has done just about everything to get attention, they brought in several former WWE wrestlers, Hulk Hogan, Ken Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley(who returned to WWE). But the reason TNA hasn’t made a big splash in the water is the quality of their programming. Sadly, it’s sub-par at best.

WWE has long been the only Wrestling company on TV, and because of that TNA will need to up their game vastly in order to really become a threat to WWE.

WWE absolutely needs some kind of big player competition so they can be more successful, when you are the only one doing what you do, you can do anything you want and get away with it. This includes making bad TV. If it’s not TNA that comes to the challenge, there needs to be another company that will.

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Media Center PC

I recently put together a Media Center PC (more commonly known as HTPC, Home Theater PC) but after some reading I found that the hardware I used, which was an old Pentium 4, is on the “avoid” list.

So, I’m asking the internet this question, What is the best hardware on a budget for a MythTV Backend/Frontend Combo? Or if it will work better, Backend and front end separated.

Or, if you don’t suggest MythTV, What do you suggest?

Matt Morgan leaving TNA for WWE?

There is a lot of buzz about Matt Morgan potentially leaving TNA for WWE. As was reported by B/r (bleacher report) that Matt has recently fulfilled his appearance obligations per his contract.

Which would leave him open to exit the company if he so desired. Now, this got me thinking.. WWE has recently started airing the “Revolution is coming” vignettes, it could be Matt Morgan.

The only downside to this idea is that WWE would REALLY have to know Matt is done with his contractual obligations with TNA. Unless this is one of those things they are going to drag out for a month, which is a real possibility too.

Either way, this fan is curious who is making their big entrance!









Garden Stuff

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time for a garden! The area I am using was in really poor shape last year, I started prepping the area last fall. When I started this project the area was just a bunch of bark dust and dirt. Through a long process that took several months I finally got a garden in.

Here is out the area looked last fall.

This whole area was pretty dead when it came to things growing. Only a few non-eatable plants were growing. However, I wanted food to be produced out of this area. So I started tearing stuff up and putting down fertilizer and other compost soil.

Last fall I tore out everything and took a rake to the soil to open it up and get some moisture into the ground, as it was bone dry several inches down.

Then, the first decent day we had in February, I went through and added some compost soil and miracle grow soil and use a hand tiller to mix everything up. the soil was starting to look decent at this point. It was no longer dry, I could actually pick it up and feel the weight of the soil.

I decided that the area that I had wasn’t enough for what I wanted to grow. So, I started working on taking out part of the shrub and a tree stump. Which by the way, was a freaking task. It literally took me from 9am until around 4pm or so to get everything dug out and cut up.

Here is a mid process picture..

As I proceeded with the removal things, the process got a little tougher because I ended up with roots running everywhere. I pulled and cut out what I could. After I removed everything I could, I found that the soil was way to unusable for this year, seeing as I took a tree out, all the soil is very loose and has no stability. If you step on it you sink pretty deep. I will let the soil rest until fall and then I’m going to put compost soil and some cow manure on it to add nutrients to the soil.

I attempted to get corn to grow from seed but that didn’t work out very well, so I went to my local Fred Meyer Garden center and grabbed a few trays of corn that was grown in a green house. In the picture below I have corn, broccoli, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, red lettuce, Early Girl tomato plant, big beef tomato plant and cherry tomatoes. IF everything grows and produces a lot of food, I will be VERY happy.

Here is my whole garden area, I didn’t have enough space to put everything in one space, so I improvised. In the area to the right, I have onion shoots, pole beans, lavender plants, parsley, oregano and some potatoes in the soil. I have not gotten lemon cucumbers yet, which I will be getting in the coming days.

So far, I have gotten everything I want taken care of. Now I just need to let things happen and let nature take its course.

Thanks for reading!! I will be posting some more information and maybe even a garden webcam in the coming days.


May The Fourth Be With You!

Since today is “Star Wars Day”… It is only right that I share my favorite Lightsaber battle. Viewed more than 6 millions times… I give you, Ryan Vs. Dorkman.


AND Ryan Vs. Dorkman 2 HD