What the F?

So, I arrive at work to find that Infinity has blocked the following: AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Aim.com, aol.com, winamp.com, shoutcast.com.

Now I ask, WHAT THE F!?!?!?!?!? What in the fuck! Why do they do this? All i got was this:

[16:58] *****: anyone find out why icq yahoo and aim are being blocked? and if so is it a permanent thing?
[16:58] *****: yes, it is a permanent thing. this was a policy decision made a couple days ago. see your team leads if you have any questions.
[16:58] *****: k. no email on it though?
[16:59] *****: I thought there was
[16:59] *****: I haven’t seen any
[16:59] *****: then maybe it was just sent to me (devil)
[17:00] *****: No email here
[17:00] *****: We should atleast be notifed…..heh
[17:01] *****: nah, best to keep the peasants ignorant. 😉
[17:01] *****: oh, did I say that outloud
[17:01] *****: heh…..*ponders an uprise*

Yea……Uhm, No. I dont like being limited….