Sitting in the hot summer sun

So today, trying to get home from jantzen beach…..yea that was a terrible task all by itself.
First we sit for like 20-25 minutes. Because George Bush is on I-5 heading to the airport to get on Air Force One and Fly away.
so here we are sitting there sweating our minds out drinking what was cold water when we bought them about 35 feet behind us at the plad pantry…..but now they were almost warm water. So that does no good. So yea, as we started moving I heard choppers and saw police on motorcycles going everywhere…kind of interesting. I was kinda of surprised by this because if a president feels that America is getting better and EVERYTHING is going in the right direction. WHY does he need to shutdown I-5 in order to feel safe heading back to the airport to leave??? I hope Kerry wins this thing….Bush needs to go!! I believe I saw a protestor one time holding a sign that read, “The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own!”

4 years ago, Very first post ever….

06:34 pm – November 22, 2000

Lets see im new here i wish they had an html version of this so i could do this my self but oh well……..uhhm……and Turkie i got back with my gf Rachel……nothing else other then friday my life is gonna suck im having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time its gonna suck but hey life sucks n e way right?………-Merval