Ok so get this…..

Here I am sitting in my front room with Patrick on my laptop trying to find out whats on this other wireless network, and im on the phone with danielle when I see Patrick roaming through some music files….WE struck it gold! this guy has 6 gigs of music but its locked so i cant write to the dir, but his “My Shared” dir is not and I created a notepad doc and then deleted it just to make sure that I could connect, I’m doubting he has a password on his system, once I get my system built I will attempted to get the version of windows and what not that he has on his box and try the ole’ remote desktop, I also came to a sad point tonight…..the “Free” Wired Cafe’ that was on Main Street and 39th has shut down and turned itself into a DVD Shop…Patrick and I shared a moment of silence in memory of what once was. Then drove off looking for wireless networks….hehe WAR DRIVING wasn’t too much fun, this damn laptop kept dieing on me…the battery aint much I think i need to save up and buy an adapter so i can plug this into the cigarette lighter so I can power it while in the car. Anyway I am transferring what I like of this computer…I will update again…visit www.merval.org/ if ya get a chance….Peace out yo!!!
– Dan

The Marconi Show

As from www.suckiecentral.com
What’s Next for the Marconi Show?

XM Satelite?


Night Show Live From Vegas?


Stay tuned and find out where the
Marconi Show will land next.


Entercom Portland is keeping them off the air
for 6 months because of a non-complete
clause in their contracts.

Even though they are painting them to be
horrible people in the media.

They know they will destroy them
if they are on the air. That is why they
have done everything in their power
to keep the boys off your radio.

6 months from now Porkland Radio
is going to get real interesting.

At the end of 6 months Marconi and his crew
will be back on the air in Porkland.