Infinity Internet hires Dan Walker







Dan Walker
(Address blocked)

Dear Dan,

This letter confirms our offer to you to join Infinity Internet, as a part-time Client Services Representative on or before 4/16/2004, contingent upon successful results from your background and drug tests. In this position you will report to Kami Stratton.

You Compensation is comprised of a hourly wage of $9.75.

It is important to realize that the salary described above is subject to modification or termination at the discrection and option of Infinity Internet. This letter is not intended to and does not establish an employment contract for a definite period of time.

Dan, on behalf of the entire Infinity Internet team, I want to express to you our excitement about you joining us and assisting in the Company’s growth. We firmly beleive that you will play an important part in growth and development and I especially look forward to working with you.

Very truely yours,

Palin Acquisitions, d/b/a/ Infinity Internet

By: Randy Toland
HR / Payroll Coordinator