Drivers License, driving a stick….

Well saturday i got my Drivers license, I got a 90 on my drive test Yey for me! I got a license and a car 😀 how nice…I start school tomorrow, well its not really school per say lol one class isnt school but yea I had to register to keep my job so anyway yea Im going to bed….talk to you all later

– Dan

The World Lost Two Great People Today!

Johnny Cash, and John Ritter were both taken from this planet today…..To hear that Johnny Cash had died, made me sad for many reason and one of which is that his songs were the last of their kind….He was the last of the old school boys…where when you wrote a song your wrote it because it had a story behind it and it meant something, there isn’t anymore of that….and Johnny’s voice is one that will never be heard again….he was truly “The Man in Black” his voice was one that when you heard it you almost immediately knew who it was, you even grew to think of the color black when you heard his voice because of the black hair he had and the black clothes he wore……The World will truly miss Johnny Cash!, he was 71……..John Ritter of 3’s Company and more recent 8 Simple Rule for Dating my teenage daughter, died due to a complication to his heart…..he collapsed while filming his show, they rushed him to the hospital across the street and later pronounced him dead……John Ritter was one of the only people I can think of that could fall over anything and make it funny as hell….and I heard on TV today one of his friends said, “John always said that we weren’t here to make people laugh were here to make people fall off their couches laughing” and that’s what he did… the Age of 54 John Ritter had accomplished a lot, John survives his wife, and two children….

I got my car today….

It isnt the “best” there is but its nice….its a 1966 Volkswagen Bug…its a stick though but i will have to drive it and learn how to drive it and do the clutch, gas thing…..that is a challenge in itself but I will catch on…

– Dan

Getting into College…..

Well There is only ONE thing I would like to say, well not really say but quote….”I can’t stand this proliferation of paperwork. It’s useless to fight the forms. You’ve got to kill the people producing them.”
– Vladimir Kabaidze 1964, General Director of the Ivanovo Machine Building Works,
Near Moscow, in a speech to the Communist Party