A Reflection at Life: The High School Years……..

A four year journey, A rollercoaster of emotions, and A time when you should have fun. High School has an end and I have reached it….Graduation, the event that everyone works for to be able to graduate from High School is a major acheivement….people sometimes say that graduating is over rated, its not over rated, its actually under rated……the people I have heard say its over rated, have never been to this point and never will because they take the easy way out……..Sometimes I think what I will do after I graduate, and to tell you the truth I am not really sure what I will do. I will goto college and study Electronics, but I am not sure what degree……life is confuseing right now..anyway I need sleep…

– Dan

Senior Project Presentation…..

Oh Boy! I came, I saw it, and I conquered it!! I whooped the hell out of my speech and passed it! I’m so glad! I was kinda stressed that I was going to goof it all up…but anyway I’m on my way to graduate now…..Talk to you at a later date, trying to keep cool cause its like 96 degrees here!